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“When Grace at the Bliss Cafe Calls” Is Published in The New Yorker

NYer Jan 11 Cover ImageGrace at Bliss in The New Yorker

This week my poem “When Grace at the Bliss Cafe Calls” was published in The New Yorker magazine, a real and honest thrill. Everything about this has been exciting, from the first email from the poetry editor asking if it was  still available to working with the sound engineer to get a good reading for the New Yorker’s website. Recording with text available here:http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/01/11/when-grace-at-the-bliss-cafe-calls


9 Responses to ““When Grace at the Bliss Cafe Calls” Is Published in The New Yorker”

  1. Your poem, “Grace at the Bliss Cafe Calls” lifted my heart and helped me look for light once again.

    Thank you for writing it — for seeing and noticing what you saw. for writing this poem.

    It is a pure gem — and an important one!!

    sending you praise, appreciation and energy to continue on,

    Michael S. Glaser

  2. Whenever I encounter a poem that I know I’ll love forever, I clip it out or print it and put it in a folder to keep nearby where I can always get to it. I love “When Grace at the Bliss Cafe Calls” for the miracle of its circumstance, the beautiful way it blends the personal and the political, and for its poetic sensibilities. I love it more for the way it reveals how tiny instances of grace give us hope in dark times.

    Anyway, I took extra care as I worked the scissors along the margin.

  3. Lyla Burnor says:

    I don’t often read the poetry in the New Yorker, but I did this morning. I was drawn into your “When Grace…” The sense of disappointment in passion unshared for a beloved instrument of creativity and the glimmer of redemption when Grace calls was true to the mark. As a mom I could relate.

    Congratulations and thank you.

    Lyla Burnor

  4. Renee Hopkins says:

    I read this poem in the print magazine. I wrote down its title and your name on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t forget to look it up online after I recycled the magazine.

    I carried that piece of paper around for weeks, until today, finally, I looked up your poem online. I couldn’t let it go out of my life! Thank you for a great poem.

  5. Jeff Sauer says:

    Hi Jane –

    Thank you for such a lovely poem. I live in SLO, and frequent Bliss.

    I will certainly keep an eye out for Grace wherever I can find her.


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