Jane Vandenburgh

Cafe Society Event with Dana Johnson August 26

Dana Johnson postcard one-up Cafe Society is an ad hoc group of writers, poets, visual artists — storytellers of all kinds — who have been hosting #FourthFriday events at Cassie Cushing’s Kaleidoscope Coffee in Point Richmond since the beginning of the year.

This month we’re so happy to present the Northern California launch of Dana Johnson’s second book of stories, gorgeously entitled, In the Not Quite Dark. She’s to be joined in conversation by Victoria Patterson, whose phenomenally difficult and upsetting The Little Brother is just out in paperback. Her novel is based on the true story of a gang rape in the affluent enclave of Newport Beach in California’s tony Orange County, where Patterson grew up.

Join Dana and Tory for an evening devoted to the discussion of “Class, Race, Gender and the Push to Represent!”

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